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    Cenospheres are hollow ceramic microspheres beads arising as a small proportion of the waste ashes from certain coal-burning power stations. When disposal of the waste ash by means of settlement pools, cenosphere are floating and gathering on the surface and are known as "floaters".

     As an advanced multifunctional micromeritic material, cenosphere is a kind of spherical hollow ultrafine Coal-burning power plantceramic vitreous body containing nitrogen and carbon dioxide negative pressurized gas (main constituent: Sio2 and al2o3). It has distinct external characteristics and standard spherical shape. Of all the shapes in nature with the same volume, sphere has the smallest surface area, which offers cenosphere multiple peerless physical and chemical properties. For such features as high compression strength, high melting point, high electrical resistance, low coefficient of heat conduction and coefficient of thermal contraction, cenosphere is known as "material of the space epoch". Such physical and chemical properties and low price make cenosphere an excellent filler for polymer, which greatly reduces the cost of filled products and improves multiple performances of the filled products. As a result, cenosphere plays an important role in multiple applications and creates considerable economic benefit for enterprises.

      Chemical composition (%): SiO2 >55 Al2O3 >31 Fe2O3 <3 TiO2>1.1 MgO <1 CaO >2 K2O >1 loss <1

      Physical properties:

Cenospheres      1) Particle size: 100 - 500 microns
     2) Particle density: 0.4 - 0.8g/cm3
     3) Bulk density: 0.33 - 0.46g/cm3
     4) Color: light gray / offwhite
     5) Refractoriness: 1,200 -1,470
     6) LOI: 1.0% max.
     7) Moisture content: 1.0% max.
     8) Floater: 90% min.

      The appearances are light gray or off white with good flow ability and loosely. These hollow glass spheres particles have also been called hollow ceramic microspheres and spheres. Due to the unique combination of spherical sphere, high strength in compressing, good sound and thermal insulation, Cenospheres are utilized as a high performance filler material that may replace other mineral filler.

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